Geo Coordinate missing

Hi (Bentley), 

Can you add a GEO coordinate ERTF89 UTM sone 32

And is there a way to do this manually inside MicroStation?

Thanks in advance


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  • As I said, I am not a Bentley Map user and don't claim to be an expert, but with that said, I believe those are derived values based on data in the GRS1980 (Geodetic Reference System 1980).

    They were automatically provided by the Key-in: MapCSUtilities ReadWKT filespec


    For those of us without  map then

    the prj or wkt tells us to also use Geodetic GRS 1980 and those values are always the same for GRS 1980 and the bentley link ( thanks Samir) doesnt give enough details on what needs to  be obtained externally and  edited to match  up in  the Microstation tool , just copy edit to suit isnt enough help really 

    (FYI  the Eccentricity from the link   e = root of e squared  where e2 was given in the link and polar radius is given as b the semi minor axis).. I suppose its just a whole science in itself and beyond the average cad user even with some small amount gis and survey background... I'm glad I only need 2 GCS systems here in Oz  both if which live in CE but only  one in V8i...


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