[CONNECT] Creating a Table from Seed Inserts Unwanted Rows

I'm using MicroStation CONNECT Update 14.2.

This question is about the use of TextTable seeds.  I have a TextTable seed, which I specify when creating a Report...

Place Table from Report

In this example, I've chosen TextTable seed Brown Table.  The TextTable is created with some residual rows from that seed.  The last row has the text from the last row of the seed formatted as the Footer row.  MicroStation Help tells us: A table seed can contain properties, formatting, and style settings that are inherited by the table.  But in this case it's bringing text from the seed as well as the formatting.  Is that the way it's supposed to work?

Here's the DGN file and DGNLib that contains the TextTable seed. The DGN file includes the Item Type definition and instance data used by the Report, which is also defined in the DGN file.

TextTable Seed Evidence.zip