[CONNECT] Creating a Table from Seed Misplaces Formatting

I'm using MicroStation CONNECT Update 14.2.

This question is about the use of TextTable seeds.  I have a TextTable seed, which I specify when creating a Report...

The TextTable seed has four columns.  The first row has Title formatting, the second row has Header formatting.  When I create a table from a Report, using that seed, the header row is formatted correctly in the first four columns with the Header text style defined in the seed.  Remaining header cells on the same row are incorrectly formatted using the Body text style from the table seed.  The screenshot shows the situation: the text style in the second row — the Header row — is correct in columns 1..4 and incorrect in columns 5 onwards.

Here's the DGN file and DGNLib that contains the TextTable seed.  The DGN file includes the Item Type definition and instance data used by the Report, which is also defined in the DGN file.

TextTable Seed Evidence.zip