U15 - How do I total a column in Tables?

We have the ability in U15 to total in tables. How do I total the highlighted cells in the table below?

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  • What would you like reports to do that are currently not doing?

    Honestly I don't know, apart from make them simpler to use. I did have a look at reports/tables for simple building areas in conjunction with one of your technicians and found that even that was not simple to set up. Why is this so complicated? It was something to do with floor area not being able to be assigned as a property and had to be set up another way. What that is I can't remember .See below. Why can't floor be assigned as a property?

    I did try to set up a report for a simple file (attached) and ran the report but only got a small table with no information! Why is that?3000.Items-reports test file.dgn