U15 - How do I total a column in Tables?

We have the ability in U15 to total in tables. How do I total the highlighted cells in the table below?

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  • this isn't so easy when wanting to have areas in m2 and ft2
    I was told by Bentley tech. that as I want area s om m23 and ft2 then these had to be set up differently. As noted I can't remember how

    Here's your file with additions.  I've added a couple of Reports under category LA Solutions.

    1. One Report uses only DGN element types to create a table of area usage
      • No Item Type is harmed by this Report
    2. The second Report uses your Item Type definition and DGN element types
      • Report includes your Item Type properties Unit and Car Parking
      • Report includes shape element property Area
      • Area is included twice: once with default (metric) formatting and again with Imperial formatting

    Area Report

    stuartw.Items-reports test file.dgn

    And, since this thread is about totals in tables, I defined another Report that generates Count and Total Area...

    Area Report with Aggregates

    If you would like to know how to add aggregates to a Report, read this article.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions