MSCE_U15_Sheet Index Folder - Number resetting

So this issue has been going on for a few versions now at the very least...probably has been an issue from the beginning, but not eager to install every previous version to see if it actually worked at all.

Basically the problem is that the settings: Automatic Naming of Sheets, Inherit Naming Rule From Parent, and Start Number are not working as expected.

Our projects normally consist of three different plan sets:

  • Construction
  • Right-of-Way
  • Cross Sections

We have setup a template DGNWS with the structure of the sheets contained within to help aid the user with managing their sheets.  So as an example, Project Number for the Workset and then primary folders for each plan set type:

Once you enter a plan set, the structure shows each sheet type:

The initial problem is that if the plan set folder is set to FALSE for Inherit Naming Rule From Parent, then the sheet numbers do not increment up like they should.  This is even if all of the sheet type folders have the Inherit Naming Rule From Parent set to TRUE.

Setting the plan set to TRUE fixes this issue, but makes absolutely no sense.

The problem with trying this as a workaround is that it breaks the numbering for the other two plan sets.  Setting the other plan set to TRUE or FALSE doesn't get the desired results:

The first sheet should be numbered "1" and the second as "2"...definitely doesn't work as I would expect.

Some of the changes I would like to see:

At the Workset level (top level):

  • Inherit Naming Rule From Parent set to OFF by default and non changeable.  This is the top level...there is no parent for it.

For any folder or sub-folder:

  • If Inherit Naming Rule From Parent is set to ON, then the Start Number should be non-selectable and set to "0" since the numbering should be coming from the parent level.
  • Have the numbering actually pull from the parent if that's how it's set.  At this point, the sheets only get numbered by the folder that they are inside of or from the Workset...not from a folder that is at a parent level.