how do I join two keyins after first keyin completed in SSV10

Hi everyone even on Xmas leve I can't help it and I'm  doing  mstn tasks for fun....( I must be sick!)

I have  created to keyins ( to eventually create a  perfect  S curve between any  two lines or  points)

Essentially I'm  mimicking what I do by hand but saves selecting the tools...

The first


places a circle between two points by diameter, then it runs part delete and  lets me part delete by two points to create the qrtr arc  ( because I never  know the diam until its placed as circle first)

Now the second  keyin  lets me mirror copy and mirror again without  copy resulting in a perfect s shaped curve between any two given lines..


These work perfect if run as  two separate scripts run one at a time or two keyins one at a time..

If I try to join them  then Mtn skips the first script keyin and  just runs the last part... 

Again a single keyin or script file would be the ideal but I just figure out the missing syntax to join them...

Not sure if this should have gone into programming forum as  its  just  keyins

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