How to view Autodesk Civil 3D files

having some major issues viewing civil 3d objects. Prior to 2018 we had Object enablers to get us through. with the advent of 2018 autodesk and higher we have to dumb down to an older version of autodesk. we are a civil engineering and surveying company. moving to V8i SS10 then on to the "open" platforms for the survey side of things. Does anyone know what to? I cannot believe that it is not possible to work across platforms.

How do we view civil 3d objects without dumbing down?

Microstation v8i SS10 08-11-09-919

Geopak 08-11-09-918

thanks in advance

  • MicroStation V8i SS4 (2016) included Autodesk® RealDWG 2016.  SS10 (2019) didn't offer anything more for DWG.  The documentation for MicroStation CONNECT Update 15 (2020) tells us: The following object enablers are available and run on RealDWG 2021:

    AutoCAD Architecture and AutoCAD MEP Object Enabler - This object enabler is delivered with MicroStation AutoCAD Civil3d 2021 Object Enabler - You can download this object enabler from Autodesk website.

    How do we view civil 3d objects without dumbing down?

    The future lies with MicroStation CONNECT.  Bentley Systems have declared V8 to be obsolescent, so they won't be adding any functionality nor even maintenance.

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  • Hi

    and in addition to Jon's reply there are a lot pitfalls with autodesks object enablers and the appropriate version and dwg version. I think the

    is a better forum for your question

    And if you search through the archived Microstation DWG forum you will find a lot of hints.



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  • Remember that the version of the object enabler needs to be compatible with the version of RealDWG that is being used and not the version of Civil 3D used to create the drawing. As Jon pointed out, MicroStation V8i SS4 and SS10 uses RealDWG version 2016. If you upgraded your Autodesk Civil 3D to a newerversion, you will need to also upgrade your MicroStation to a newer version that uses a newer version of RealDWG.

    MicroStation CONNECT Update 15 uses RealDWG 2021. With MicroStation CONNECT Update 15 you will need to download and install the 2021 version of the Civil 3D object Enabler.

    The 2021 object enabler can read older versions of the proxy objects so it will be able to display the 2018 proxy objects in MicroStation CONNECT Update 15. The 2021 Civil 3D object enabler will not write back to older versions of the proxy objects. This means that if your drawing contain 2018 Civil 3D proxies and you open the DWG files using MicroStation CONNECT, if you write back to the DWG file, the proxy objects will be wrote back as 2021 proxies.

    If you are converting the files to MicroStation drawings, the 2021 Civil 3D object enabler will display the proxy objects correctly and they will convert correctly to the MicroStation DGN format.