What is this "create new login" to vote for Ideas?

How many Bentley Community accounts do I need to have?

I was under the impressions that the Ideas section was a function of the discussion boards and the online Communities. Why am I being prompted to create a new login?

Matter of fact, why are the Ideas in a separate area now, and all dated for a couple of weeks ago?

If I were more conspiratorially minded, I would think this was done to make it more difficult to submit and support ideas. Especially since it appears we can no longer easily tell how many of them have been requested for YEARS.

Please fix this, and fix it soon. We should NOT need to create an entirely separate account to vote on Ideas. Those ideas come from these communities, and they should belong to these communities.Moving them to a separate area with a separate login all but guarantees that most community members will not even know such Ideas even exist.

It comes across as another tone-deaf "solution" to avoid having to answer to the user base. Communication and collaboration between Bentley and the User base has gone downhill for over a decade and gotten even worse since the release of CONNECT.

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  • Hi Mary,

    My login is still not recognized over on the Ideas page.

    what web browser do you use? Are there any specific settings (security, logging...) and add-ons (ads blockers or similar) used?

    Did you try to clean the browser cache or to force to reload page completely (usually I guess Ctrl+F5 is used for that)?

    but if I try to vote for one, it asks me which account I want to use.

    It can happen I guess. I do not recall whether I am logged automatically ever time, but I guess sometimes I am also asked to enter account again (once) for Ideas page. It's more browser issue I think. But it does not mean the system not work.

    I guess it works the same way as normally used logging using Microsoft, Facebook or whatever else account, used by so many webs today: When you enter the same credentials (e-mail + password) as for BE Communities, Ideas page asks BE Communities to verify, whether it's valid user. In fact, it seems it asks to do completely logging by BE Communities and Ideas (outsourced) web at background is only informed, whether the used is valid.

    Why is that login not recognized and affirmed automatically?

    Nearly no web uses completely automatic integrated logging. Typically some basic interaction is required. And even when it looks like automatic process, it's often automated by browser, not by web, because it remembers (using saved credentials + cookie validity) the user does it in the past already.



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