Display Rule - Condition - REFERENCE.References.Level

Hello everyone,

I am once again trying to dive into display rules and got stock at a condition I would like to have for some rules. 

I expected to be able to use different levels of a referenced file to apply display rules to the elements on these levels, to change their presentation in our 2D sheets.
Unfortunately this does not seem to be possible. I can only chose levels which exist in the current file where I am creating my saved views and drawing models.
(To understand the workflow and why I am using a separate file to create my views, please see the bottom part of the post.)

When I use different "models" to make the condition with "REFERENCE.References.Model = ("....")" I can write down anything I want.

With levels MicroStation only lets me chose the levels of the current file.

Is this "works as designed"? Is there a better way to do it? 

Here are two screenshots to show the different behaviour: 

To give you a better understanding of our workflow and what I mean by "layout file / layout model" I tried to illustrate it a bit.

This is for a fictional industrial plant, with different areas and subunits.

  • we are using several different "Equipment-Files" (3D) in which we have different parts of our plant for the different areas, subunits and so on
  • to make our 2D-plans (like a plot plan of the whole plant or several detail plans of subunits) we are using a "layout model" where the necessary equipment files are referenced in
    (this "layout model" is not a model in the sense of microstation, but a whole seperate file)
  • in this "layout model / layout file" we are creating our saved views and our drawing models 
    (here we do not use any specific levels as we only use it to control our views and drawing models)
  • we then reference the drawing models in different "sheet files"
    in these sheet files we have several "pages" on which we place the drawing models we need for this plan, these can be some different elevations of the plant, some side views, front views, detail views and so on

  • So it looks kind of like in this graphic: 

Now I would like to have the possibility to change the look of some of the objects in the different equipment files based on the level they are lying on.

For example lets say a wall, which is placed on the level "test" should get a hatch pattern and a light grey color in the plans. 

Is this possible somehow? 

Additional Info: I also tried templates for the same reason, but with templates the hatching and the color of the template are set for the object and I would like to be able to control the hatching and the color of the objects depending in which file they appear. The color has to be a different one in the 3D files than it has to be in the 2D plans. 


Currently using:

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