MS CE 14 - Clicking on the Accudraw icon minimises the view window

MS CE Update 14 v10.14.02.01

We have a very strange thing happening with one of our users who initiates the Accudraw icon, it then appears to minimise the view window.  If she then maxmises that window there is no accudraw functionality?  See video clip attached.

We have tried the usually re-install of MS

  • The next thing I would try is to reset her user preferences. User preference settings are not affected by removing and reinstalling MicroStation. 

    There are two ways you can reset user preferences

    1. Launch MicroStation with the -RestoreDefaults switch

    2. Remove the folder C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\Bentley\MicroStation

    Rod Wing
    Senior Systems Analyst

    Answer Verified By: Darren Willis