A new approach to problems

Hi to all, having used (abused) the knowledge of others on here recently, it made me rethink my approach to hurdles. The nature of a problem - however simple - needs a lot of background information added to enable a potential expert to understand and solve the problem. What i intend to do next is challenge my own ability to solve issues in order to try and prevent frustration and ensure that the efforts and thoughts of others can be better spent where they are needed. What that means is - this query will appear banal and stupid but it will - hopefully - serve as an investment to me in my quest for future solutions. Knowing the answer to this might well provide a pattern or template for future issues this avoiding wasted time and effort. So, to keep it simple, and to desperately try and avoid confusion, here's my question: Can you recommend where i should look to find out what the LOCATE toggle does in terms of the REFERENCES dialog box? Please understand and keep in mind! I don't need to know what it does - i want to know where you would recommend i look in order to find out what it does :-). (MicroStation CONNECT Version 13)