Reference window is separated

The bottom half of the reference window is separated form the top half and they occupy the full screen.  I need the two halves to be together as a window, like how it was originally. How do i fix this? 

The picture is the reference window, but it only shows the bottom half. When i click the reference flyout, it shows the references (without the bottom half)  but takes the whole screen. Help! 

  • Here are the things I would try in order....

    1. Close MicroStation and reopen

    2. Reboot your computer (could be something in your video driver that needs to be reset)

    3. Reset/remove your user preferences.
      See my answer here on how to do that...

    From your attached image it looks like you've gone to a lot of work to customize the look of your MicroStation window. Resetting your user preferences is going to blow all of that away, so that is why I'm suggesting that last.

    Rod Wing
    Senior Systems Analyst

  • See if you can grab the lower right corner of the dialog box and stretch it to a smaller size.

    Before deleting or resetting your preferences, delete the file "Personal.docking.xml" that is found in your prefs folder. It is the file that contains the information about the reference dialog (size, location, etc.). It contains the information about the dialog boxes that can be dragged outside the MicroStation window. Deleting this file will restore these dialogs back to the default settings but will not effect your other preferences.

    C:\Users\<your login>\AppData\Local\Bentley\MicroStation\10.0.0\prefs

  • Hi Carolyn,

    It looks like your Reference dialog window is larger than the available space and the title bar  is off screen making it hard to do anything with the dialog.

    Try the following:

    1. In the Ribbon Search enter Window List
    2. Click on Window List to get a list of all the open windows. You should see References in the list.
    3. Select References from the list and click Ok.
    4. Next with your keyboard press Alt+Space then press M then press any arrow key
    5. Now move your mouse and the References dialog window should move with the mouse cursor in the title bar.
    6. Click the left mouse button to release the window in a new position. Grab the title bar and move the window to a position where you can see the top edge and one of the side edges of the dialog. 
    7. Make the window smaller by grabbing the edges and dragging them inwards. Continue adjusting the edges until you can get the window to a size you like.


  • I have had this and worse as I have laptop and  external monitor. (since Covid working from home this happens far too often) . sometimes the dialog in so far off the screen I cant grab or close the tool.. I tried everything and couldn't find any useful help here or the internet.. Then it  came to me .. go  on the ext monitor in desktop RMB properties video or screen resolution to something really horrible like 900 by X whatever is there or  like 800x something.. then return to msnt (Alt tab) you can now see all edges of tools  move and resize then save settings close mstn, return to desktop and reset the screen resolution back to original settings or let it do a recommended.. then restart microstation with the now current resolution and Boom it's all back to normal hoorah!

    This was so good an option I've written it up in my mstn tricks and tips notebook,  yes paper! And  will publish it electronically  later in our local user group and at work... 

    Cheers and  happy plotting


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