[SS10] Add extra leaders to existing note?

I think I know the answer, but I could well be missing something.

I know that I can add extra leaders to a note while I am placing it by holding the CTRL key.
Is there any way to add leaders after the note has been placed?

I know that I can use the place note tool again to just place an extra leader, but that one isn't associated to the original note (even if placed with association on). Leaders placed with the note follow it around if I need to adjust position. Extra leaders "tacked on" afterwards do not.

While there is a lot I don't care for in AutoCAD, they do much better than MicroStation with Note elements. The ability to add extra leaders after the fact, to either side of the note, is a wonderful capability.

Is there any way, In MicroStation, to add extra leaders to an existing note? Or to associate extra leaders to an existing note?
Thank you.

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    Hi MaryB,

    With an already placed note, try using the Place Note tool again (as shown) with the Text Editor left blank and the "Start At:" tool settings changed to Text. You should be able to create additional leaders stemming from the existing note this way - at least from what I have configured in my dimension styles in the screenshot below.

    Existing note before:

    Existing note after:


  • But are those leaders associated to the existing note, or are they merely geometrically coincident?

    As in, if I move a the text of a note with leaders placed at the same time as the note, all of the leaders will adjust to the new text location. That is not the case (that I have found) with leaders placed after the note with a separate command. They "look" like they are part of the note, but they are not associated in any way. If I move the existing note text, the independently placed leader stays where it was placed.


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  • Sorry but when I follow your instructions  this doesn't  make all 3 parts associated only the original note leader and text remained associated, even with associate lock on... The only way I can get it to work is  the control  key option during  original placement. But with your method it does let you place at original placement  point so it looks good...but no cigar.


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  • Bump?

    Your "solution" isn't addressing my question. As I mentioned in my first post, I am already aware that I can add single leader lines and arrows using the Place Note tool. I also state that these leaders are not connected or associated to the original note in any way. I would like to find if there is a way to ADD ASSOCIATED leaders to an existing note.

    Your reply suggests that you did not read my post, nor did you attempt your actual solution to see if it addressed my issue. Please check again.

    If the answer is "No, there is no way to do what you want to do", that is a proper answer and it can be accepted. It is actually a much better answer than "Here's this thing you already said you knew about (that you said doesn't work)".


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  • Hi MaryB,

    Thanks for the reply. My apologies for the oversight in my previous post. I appreciate your patience.

    After investigating this further, I have found a way to associate a newly created leader with an existing note. See below workflow steps:

    1. Create a note with a leader as shown

    2. With the Text Editor left blank and the "Start At:" tool settings changed to Text, create an additional leader line that is close to this newly created note. 

    3. Navigate to Tools>Manipulate>Modify>Modify Element
    4. With this tool activated, select the tail end of the leader as shown below

    5. Next, select the point as shown.

    6. The newly created leader should now be associated with the existing placed note. As you can see below, the new leader will adjust to the text location.

    I hope this helps!


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