Line Style Name Question

I just discovered, we have a few linestyles that have names that end with a space character. During a LC= Key in, MicroStation will try to locate a best match and if there is any ambiguity, open a list dialog box, and if there is not, activate the matched linestyle.

However, in the Element Templates dialog box, you cannot actually key in a linestyle name. What I have learned, is that some line styles in some element templates are missing the space. I'm not sure how this occurred, but the end result is if the stored line style name does not match exactly, the element template will not set that linestyle. It will set everything else defined in the element template, however.

We have hundreds, if not thousands of files in ProjectWise expecting one of our to specific workspaces to correctly display its contents. So I cannot implement a simple fix without knowing the repercussions of any fix that involves existing files.

My choices seems to be one of the following:

  1. Rename the line styles to remove the trailing space. We would need to determine the effect on any existing elements using the original line style names. (For consistency, we should find any and all such linestyle and fix them as well. This would also require edits to the Element Templates to make sure the renamed line styles still function)
  2. Leave the line styles as it, and fix the element templates. This would still require a significant amount of manual efforts to find any additional mismatched line style names.
  3. Add new line styles, with corrected names (removing any trailing space characters). This may result in seemingly duplicated names in many of the interface items when a user tries to select a linestyle. We suspect that would result in user confusion and would not prevent the continued use of the undesirable line style names.

does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on our dilemma?

Oh how I wish the V8 Level naming committee, all those years ago, would have listened to the handful of us who advocated for ByLevel Symbologies!