Strange Sheet Layout Results - Scale Differences Traced to Sheet Unit Setting in Model Properties

We have a number of different size sheets defined in our customsheets.def file but only use ANSI A and ANSI D almost exclusively with ANSI D the most common.

We created these in their DGN files following a practice that originated way back in the days of IGDS. The working units are set to match our normal design models - US Survey Feet as MU and US Survey Inches as SU. We actually draw the graphics for the sheets using MU values, so 8 1/2 X 11 are draw 8 1/2 feet by 11 feet and 22 X 34 is drawn 22' X 34'. Our units, scales and sheetsizes.def files are setup to accommodate those graphics settings, so for us, 50 scale is not 1:600, but is simply 1:50.

When sheet models became available, we started making the model that contained the border graphics sheet models with their sheet layout aligned to their cut lines. This went without a hitch on all of our ANSI D sheet files. We never got around to doing the same thing for our ANSI A sheet files, until today. But when I tried to do exactly the same thing I did in our ANSI D files, the sheet layouts were coming in too small. I found I had to change the scale from 1:1 to 1:12. I looked at all the settings I could think of and was pretty stumped, until I finally spotted a sheet model setting called Sheet Unit. In the ANSI D sheet models, the Sheet Unit matches the Working Units MU. But on my ANSI A sized sheet models, the Sheet Units are inches.

Why are these different and where can I modify them so they are not different. The Sheet Unit is grayed out on the model properties, meaning I can't edit them here.

These are the settings in the sheetsizes.def file:

# Name           Units Height Width TopMargin LeftMargin BottomMargin RightMargin UnitSystems
#Roll paper sizes.
ANSI A           ; 1  ; 8.5  ; 11  ;   0.00  ;  0.00  ;     0.00   ;    0.00     ; 1,3
ANSI A (Profile) ; 1  ; 11   ; 8.5 ;   0.00  ;  0.00  ;     0.00   ;    0.00     ; 1,3
ANSI B           ; 1  ; 11   ; 17  ;   0.00  ;  0.00  ;     0.00   ;    0.00     ; 1,3
ANSI C           ; 1  ; 17   ; 22  ;   0.00  ;  0.00  ;     0.00   ;    0.00     ; 1,3
ANSI D           ; 1  ; 22   ; 34  ;   0.00  ;  0.00  ;     0.00   ;    0.00     ; 1,3
ANSI E           ; 1  ; 34   ; 44  ;   0.00  ;  0.00  ;     0.00   ;    0.00     ; 1,3


  • Hi,

    The valid values for sheet units are :

    1. Inches
    2. Millimeters


    You have specified sheet unit in sheetsizes.def file as Inches , So ANSI A sheet file is showing correct value of sheet unit “Inches”. For standard sheet sizes defined in MicroStation , following properties are non editable .

    • Height
    • Width
    • Sheet Unit


    Whenever there is a mismatch in Sheet models working unit ( Master unit) and Sheet Unit you will run in to scaling issue. Please check sheet models MU where sheet size is ANSI A and see if there is mismatch. Sheet scale can be changed from Sheet boundary tool. For Custom sheet sizes we can edit height, width, Sheet Unit properties.


    Can you please provide us a test case with custom sheet sizes where you expect Sheet Unit should be editable?


    Thanks .

    This is a test

  • I don't expect the sheet units to be editable. But I expect them to be consistent. I had looked at working units and even precision and saw no reason for an ANSI A border to work differently than an ANSI D. But I've been working on ORD Workspaces for two solid weeks and will need to dig a bit to figure our where I was and see if I can find some example files to submit.

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