Cannot snap to Parametric solid "through" filled shape


For years I've been annoyed that on occasion snaps didn't work but I could not figure out what the cause was.  If a filled shape exists in 3D space above a element in CE and you attempt to snap to the element snaps will not work even in wire-frame.  Under users>preferences>input> Locate interiors is set to never.  Is this intentional or an oversite??  Attached file for others to try maybe it's just me?



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  • If you set that to visible, it does snap.

    Correct - but not first time... it snaps to a point on geometry that Microstation deems more "selectable" based on its proximity to the camera (in this case, the circle). Only a second attempt will snap to the point I'm aiming for.

    I don't want Microstation to second guess my intentions. I can see the red cube - I want to snap to a point on it - it worked perfectly in v8i - why must I change a user preference to get it to "sort-of" work in CE?