Cannot snap to Parametric solid "through" filled shape


For years I've been annoyed that on occasion snaps didn't work but I could not figure out what the cause was.  If a filled shape exists in 3D space above a element in CE and you attempt to snap to the element snaps will not work even in wire-frame.  Under users>preferences>input> Locate interiors is set to never.  Is this intentional or an oversite??  Attached file for others to try maybe it's just me?



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  • We made the shift a year ago so that we could be confident any outstanding issues where at least found with awareness before the end of 2021 when we can no longer use v8i.  It's been a difficult transition for sure, but working on super big multi gig projects it's been a god send to have a 64 bit platform.  I hope if we keep throwing "ideas" up and people actually go read them and vote Bentley will take note of ideas being used to point out errors and bugs, thus prioritize fixing them.