Cannot snap to Parametric solid "through" filled shape


For years I've been annoyed that on occasion snaps didn't work but I could not figure out what the cause was.  If a filled shape exists in 3D space above a element in CE and you attempt to snap to the element snaps will not work even in wire-frame.  Under users>preferences>input> Locate interiors is set to never.  Is this intentional or an oversite??  Attached file for others to try maybe it's just me?



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  • What we have now just feels like the developer got half way there and took a coffee break decided never to get back to it.

    While I do enjoy my coffee way too much, this is certainly not the case.

    I also agree with Max and would make the argument why have a locate interiors option in the preferences and then ignore it. 

    It's not being ignored. Setting locate interiors to never doesn't mean pretend this surface doesn't exist and start picking things you can't see through it, it means only locate this element by it's edges, but still truncate the list of hits at this surface so that reset and tentative snap also can't cycle through elements that aren't visible.

    In the simple case of a single solid and line it might seem appealing to let you pick an element you "know" exists that is behind the solid, but Imagine an entire building in a shaded view, there can be thousands of elements under that roof.

    This wasn't changed in a vacuum one day for "fun", it's cases like that building and snapping to beams and elements on other floors that aren't visible and the feedback we received that prompted the enhancement to locate.

    You should need to see what you are picking, which could mean changing render mode to wireframe. As previously stated, it definitely would be nice to make a special case for transparency as that fits in with letting you pick what you can see.