Cannot snap to Parametric solid "through" filled shape


For years I've been annoyed that on occasion snaps didn't work but I could not figure out what the cause was.  If a filled shape exists in 3D space above a element in CE and you attempt to snap to the element snaps will not work even in wire-frame.  Under users>preferences>input> Locate interiors is set to never.  Is this intentional or an oversite??  Attached file for others to try maybe it's just me?



  • I believe much of the code was re-written from scratch for v8i (32bit) to CE (64bit). There are a multitude of bugs like this one. Bentley seems focused on new features instead of making the platform more stable for simple drafting. But we're only on revision 15.

    it worked perfectly in v8i - why must I change a user preference to get it to "sort-of" work in CE?

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  • I agree, more over if making dynamic views with 3D geometry you need this set to never or it makes annotations impossibly time consuming.

    Having to change user preference settings for different workflows on the same project... not good.

    Thank heavens for v8i to get the job done.

  • We made the shift a year ago so that we could be confident any outstanding issues where at least found with awareness before the end of 2021 when we can no longer use v8i.  It's been a difficult transition for sure, but working on super big multi gig projects it's been a god send to have a 64 bit platform.  I hope if we keep throwing "ideas" up and people actually go read them and vote Bentley will take note of ideas being used to point out errors and bugs, thus prioritize fixing them.

  • ^ Is this the case for everyone in this thread, i.e. trying to snap through a transparent filled shape in wireframe? 

    Does everyone agree that if the shape was not transparent you shouldn't locate/snap to elements behind it as you're not able to see them? This enhancement was made to locate for CE as there were numerous reports of undesirable behavior related to locating/snapping to geometry that is not visible.

    I can definitely understand a request to special case transparency...


  • Thanks for engaging with this, Brien. To answer your question - NO, I do not agree. I would like to select any point that I know exists, regardless of whether the concealing geometry is solid or transparent.

    I can see where Bentley was going with the logic on this - "if you can't see it, it doesn't exist" kind of thing. It's a 'real world' philosophy that makes sense, but I would argue is not appropriate in the cad world. As 3D modelers we work in a 3D world that transcends the physical world and as such would like to get the job done with as few clicks as possible. We can visualize the location of hidden geometry and should be able to snap to it without rotating views to see it first.

    As an example; say I want to draw a connecting line between the back corners of these two column plinths.

    In v8i this was easily doable with just two clicks. (ie. the plinth back corner point is immediately findable);

    In CONNECT, I have to scroll through the tentative snaps for the front column first before finding the plinth back corner point that I know is there. (ie. three clicks, just to find the first point - and other three clicks for the second column = total 6 clicks). This is a simple example - imagine much more complex geometry with multiple objects concealing the known target point.

    You've described this method as an "enhancement", but I see it as regressive - and would really like the option to return to the simplicity and predictability of v8i.