Cannot snap to Parametric solid "through" filled shape


For years I've been annoyed that on occasion snaps didn't work but I could not figure out what the cause was.  If a filled shape exists in 3D space above a element in CE and you attempt to snap to the element snaps will not work even in wire-frame.  Under users>preferences>input> Locate interiors is set to never.  Is this intentional or an oversite??  Attached file for others to try maybe it's just me?



  • I would argue that enhancements made because of "numerous reports" shouldn't necessarily cause existing "expected" behavior to be eliminated.

    This is correct, but locating elements you can't see is not "expected" behavior, it's learned behavior. You also can't add options for everything, that's unwieldy for the UI, documentation, and testing.

    Apparently the squeaky wheel gets the grease, but at the expense of irritating users who had no complaint and like the way it has always worked in the past.

    That's not how it works as I am sure you are well aware. While it is true that we rarely hear about what people like, change requests are evaluated on their merits. For example, I will push back on locating elements that aren't visible, but agree the current behavior with transparency is not ideal.

    The entire purpose of new versions is to try to improve the product, not keep it it same; you are talking about a change that was made 8 years ago...

    Have a good one folks.