[CE] DWG:could not find SHX font

Any ideas how to check which lines are missing shp symbols when opening a DWG file? The message "could not find SHX font [dgnlstyle]" is not very informative as I would like to know which line was not correctly converted to DWG. The missing symbols are replaced with dots or question marks but it is only visual indicator or is there some way to actually scan and find those broken lines?

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  • Perhaps you can attach the original DGN as a reference and compare the missing broken lines

    This is an incredibly unhelpful suggestion!

    Do you know how many thousand elements there can be in a single design file? Doubled, tripled or more if there are multiple models. Multiply that by however many drawings there my be in a project. You really think that it is acceptable to tell us to visually inspect every element to find the one or two where the SHX file was not found correctly?

    The software knows that this SHX file was required for something - that's why it can generate an error message. Why can that error message not also report What that SHX file was required for?


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