[CE] DWG:could not find SHX font

Any ideas how to check which lines are missing shp symbols when opening a DWG file? The message "could not find SHX font [dgnlstyle]" is not very informative as I would like to know which line was not correctly converted to DWG. The missing symbols are replaced with dots or question marks but it is only visual indicator or is there some way to actually scan and find those broken lines?

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  • Benedetta's suggestion of using the config vars to locate the output fonts is the right way to address the issue.  Once you know where your SHX fonts are located through the SaveAs process, you can deliver your the font files to the correct target folders based on the product (ACAD, MicroStation, etc) that will use them.

    No it is totally wrong approach. We use only AutoCAD compatible linetypes so there should be no nonstandard SHX in the first place. At least it should place the shx file in same folder as file and not in some obscure place. Even if using remapping utility it should remap all linestyles to correct linetypes by LIN file but of course sometimes mistakes happen.

    As the conversion process is nontransparent to user there is no control when conversion fails for some linestyles so that is why we ask for some more detailed report to avoid dealing with those wrong translated linestyles and avoid delivering dgnstyle garbage files.