[CONNECT] - Importing DTM data into a 3D Microstation file

I am asking this question here as I have been told it is not correct etiquette to continue old conversations/threads. I do not think that the issue I am facing is specific to the version of Microstation or type of computer I am using.

I have a DTM file that I want to use as the basis for some geometry for use in Microstation. The DTM file contains contour data and our aim is to generate contour lines that can eventually be used to CNC cut a contour map (adding this context in case it is useful!).

I understand that Microstation can open LandXML files (I found a good YouTube video from 2012 on the subject) but apparently I might need Bentley InRoads to convert the DTM to XML, is that correct?

I come from an architecture background and although I've used Microstation on and off for years, I have never used any of the other Bentley software before.

Many thanks.


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