Any previous Auto CAD users out there ?

Good morning.  Wondering if there are any previous Auto CAD users out there who could shed some light on making the drafting in Microstation a bit more similar (or exactly like) Auto Cad.  

Thank you.  Have a good day everyone. 

  • Hi John,

    First you should always start your questions sharing what version do you use of Microstation based on Forum best practices.

    drafting in Microstation a bit more similar (or exactly like) Auto Cad

    So imagining that you're using CE15 you can:

    Change the aspect of the ribbon to look almost exactly as Autocad changing the workflow to "General".

    You can use the same shortcuts as key-ins.

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  • I'm working in both MicroStation and AutoCAD on a regular basis.

    They are never going to function exactly the same. The mouse button sequence on commands isn't the same because MicroStation has a designated Left/Datapoint/Accept/Yes  and  Right/Reset/Cancel/No  binary that AutoCAD doesn't have. There's no way to change that.

    One of the things that will make your life easier off the bat is in your Preferences. There is an option to allow the ESC key to cancel the current command.

    Where you have "Dynamic Input" we have Accudraw.

    Your PGP file can be replaced by Accudraw/keyboard shortcuts or Position Mapping. Position mapping is very different from your command aliases, but the people who learn it seem to like it. I prefer my Accudraw shortcuts, but that's just me. You can also define your own function keys to make them line up to what you were used to, and they actually include F1/SHIFT+F1/CTRL+F1/ALT+F1

    You do have some ability to set up your mouse buttons so that, for instance, CTRL+RT will bring up your Snap (osnap) menu. I have an ACAD compliant mouse button menu around here somewhere...I'll see if I can find it

    If you have access to the Bentley LEARN Server, they have a course specifically for People coming from AutoCAD to MicroStation:

    I can say, it's best to work with what you can, but learn them each for what they are. They aren't ever going to be the same, and there are tools in one that you won't find in the other, and vice versa.

    There are plenty of "bilingual" people here who can help you sort out the differences.


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  • Is this possible on this version ?

    V8i SS10 is the last version from that technology and doesn't have the ribbon that was introduced by the first Connect Edition version, so that's missing.

    But you can use key-ins typing the same generals command starting in the key-in per example "dwg l" and you'll get the line command and so on.

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  • Good morning.  Wondering if there are any previous Auto CAD users out there who could shed some light on making the drafting in Microstation a bit more similar (or exactly like) Auto Cad.  

    Mary has pointed out very well a way to achieve what you  want .. however I feel your doing  your drafters a disservice  as they will never really  learn microstation in its un modified environment  and if they  move to another employer they will be useless, bewildered and frustrated using microstation you essentially, but  unintentionally making them  tied to your custom set up .

    I have seen this in some companies with autocad was so customised, super efficient to work with there,  that drafters who learned acad on the job there were unable to use autocad anywhere else ( ie new employer) and had to be retrained and demoted to junior status.

    You just have to become bilingual  in CAD and if you only  use mstn for back drafting once in a while then the keyin DWG  or the  \ and acad command  keyin is a good work around .. but better yet is to learn accudraw and the basic tools... plenty of free tutorials and videos... also print out the help on DWG and autocad users .. good info there to assist acad users with little microstation experience..

    I have the same issue when I'm  compelled to use autocad I just have had to learn it and use the tools as they are and turn off my microstation brain / interpreter ... It is the same  with languages for bilinguals like myself  you have to turn off English brain  and don't translate just use the local language... 


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