Change to the WorkSpace and WorkSet will not be remembered...


I sometimes get this dialog box:

I have "No WorkSpace" and "No Workset".  What changes is Microstation trying to save?  Is there a particular user configuration file that can be updated?  (IE, What is the path to that file?)

Is there any issue with the "Do not display again" option?

--Robert Arnold

  • Hi Robert

    This error also occurs if the file "C: \ ProgramData \ Bentley \ MicroStation CONNECT Edition \ Configuration \ ConfigurationSetup.cfg" is write protected! You may check if you have write accesses to this file. If that's the case the error message is wrong because MicroStatin does not write the actual WorkSpace and WorkSet to ConfigurationSetup.cfg - as David and Pellet writes: MicroStation write this in the user configuration file.

    About the ConfigurationSetup.cfg
    This file tells where the $ (_ USTN_CONFIGURATION) folder is placed (line # 27) Unfortunately MicroStation wants to write the actual path to $ (_ USTN_CONFIGURATION) in this file.
    Until Update 15 the path was changed to a hard coded path instead of using the cfg.variabel $ (_ USTN_CUSTOM_CONFIGURATION). This was a bug which I have discussed with Marc Thomas who have created a change request to correct this. Because of this I normally write proctect the ConfigurationSetup.cfg! ...and sets a checkmark in "Do not display again".
    In Update 16 they have changed this so _USTN_CONFIGURATION = $ (_ USTN_INSTALLED_CONFIGURATION) ... this is in my humble opinion also wrong but I havn't yet investigated this change futher! In my opinion it should be _USTN_CONFIGURATION = $ (_ USTN_CUSTOM_CONFIGURATION)

    Best regards


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