Using CONNECT Edition Update 16 ver.

Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise, version 10.0.18363 build 18363

Microsoft Excel for Microsoft 365 MSO (16.0.14131.20278) 64-bit


By using ITEM TYPES, I have been able to utilize an Excel file as a lookup table to populate text fields. This has been working great in CE updates 12, 13, 14 and 15.


I had posted this method here:



I updated to CONNECT Edition Update 16 and now the Excel file is not being read.

The Excel we have been using has some macros in it, so it is a “.xlsm” file not a “.xlsx” file.


The picklist is loaded by a dgnlib. The picklist appears to work with no issues.

The item type variable is listed here:

ITEMTYPE_LOOKUP   = $(_USTN_WORKSETDGNS)Shared/Support/TextSubstitution_CE.xlsm


SO… I switched to using an Excel file without the embedded macros, making it a “.xlsx” file.

Then I changed my variable to use a xlsx extension,

ITEMTYPE_LOOKUP   = $(_USTN_WORKSETDGNS)Shared/Support/TextSubstitution_CE.xlsx


Now everything works OK!

So, using the same dgn file, and the same ITEMTYPE attached to my elements, the only difference that broke this process in CE 16 was “xlsm” vs “xlsx”.


Does anyone have any thoughts as to why this issue would occur with the xlsm file?


Here are snapshots of the actual ITEMTYPE definitions, picklists, and Excel file:

I apologize for the long post.


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