how to convert dwg to dgn?

from cad to microstation, need to convert blocks, templates, xrefs, attributes .

please help to convert

  • from cad to MicroStation ? MicroStation is a cad software.

    Everyone can assume a lot from your request, but it would be best if you provided a bit more information.

    Versions being used, etc...

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  • Hi Aparna,

    It's always best to follow Forum best practices and tell the forum which version are you using. The solution (if any) isn't always the same.

    from cad to microstation

    Microstation is a CAD program, so I believe that in reality you're asking to convert from Autocad (DWG) to Microstation (DGN).

    There are several ways to convert your files to DGN:

    1 - Inside Autocad use export to DGN, here you should use a remap to help get the attributes of your elements translate the more accurately possible.

    2 - Inside Microstation use Import from Backstage \ Import \ Common File Types. 

    3 - Inside Microstation open directly the desire DWG and go to Backstage \ Save As \ choose the DGN format and use a remap to get the best solution.

    You can use each solution for blocks, templates, xref (in fact xref are DWG files all the same, so if you want to convert DWG files that have Xref you should import with Xref so that link is mantained.

    If there are many files you should use Batch Convert.

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    Hope this helps and regards.


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  • Aparna

    We use ACAD2018 to convert DWG to DGN.  Here are the basic step we use:

    In ACAD:

    1 Type the "BURST" command in both paper & model space.  This will drop the tags to text, explode blocks and patterns.  This may need to be run more than once for nested items.

    2. Type the "AECTOACAD" in model space.  This breaks down the AEC Objects to basic blocks.

    3. Open the new "ACAD....dwg" file in ACAD then save as ACAD 2013.  Microstation SS10 reads up to version 2013.

    In Microstation SS10:

    1. Open the file "ACAD....dwg".

    2 Under the "File" menu section select "Export" change the "Save as Type" to "Microstation V8 DGN Files".

    3. Click the "Options" button; adjust settings to the following

    4. Click "OK" to except the settings; then click the "Save" button.  Done!

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  • My process is to create a 2D file, attach the DWG and then merge it.  Once that is done run convert acistoparasolid all (Key-in).  Then check for Shared Cells.  You can drop those to Normal cells if you wish, sometimes I do sometimes not, It depends on how the file was constructed originally.

    As for creating a cell library from Wblocks you can just drag and drop them into a file, named *.cel if you like or it can be named *.dgn, I don't think it matters anymore as both can be read in the Place Cell dialog box.

    Hope this helps.

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