Parametric cells with lines on different levels - was it really shipped in u15?

Was this feature really shipped because i cant change levels of individual objects encapsulated in parametric cell.

I can only change level of a parametric cell as a whole.

See the idea supposedly shipped in u15.

  • Hi Ivan,

    Which version of MicroStation are you using? Update16 can view the level of encapsulated elements. This has been resolved with U15 in Defect 1018479:Some Feature inside Parametric Cell (having By_Level Color Property) does not appear as per the active level color at the time of placement

    Could share with us the cell ?



  • Update16 can view the level of encapsulated elements

    I am using u16. You say you can view the level but i am talking about changing the level. Should it be possible only to view or also change the level? Viewing does not solve anything. If you have a library of parametric cells, 9 out of 10 times you need to change levels of cell "internals" after the placement without recreating your library.

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