[CONNECT Update 16] What should a Table Manager provide?

MicroStation CONNECT Update 16 added properties name and description to DGN tables.

 wrote: With the possibility of multiple tables then a Table Manager seems the logical step.

 wrote: We use so many tables in our plans for things like Stationing, Curve Data, Reinforcement Bar lists, Pier and Bearing pad elevations, girder schedules and so much more. it would be nice to have them referenced in a tables database within the workset or something, kind of like the sheet index in a way.

 wrote [about Idea Table should have a Name]:  Ooh - I like that. I mean, it makes perfect sense to me, especially in a sheet with more than one table.

 wrote: It would be great if the table manager could look for that data outside of the active dgn file, i.e. we specify a folder and the table manager looks for table data in all files within that folder.

What should a Table Manager provide?  Your comments are welcome.  Here's my starter...

LA Solutions: Table Manager

  1. Display a list of tables in the active model
  2. Simple addition or update of table name & description
  3. Rename all tables in a DGN file
  4. Find (locate) a table
  5. File→Export list of tables
    • As a CSV file
    • As an XML file
    • As an HTML file
  6. Notify duplicate table names
  7. Source of table data...
    1. Active Model
    2. All models in active DGN file
    3. Active model and reference attachments
    4. DGN files in  a folder
  8. ???