New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 16 blogs

I have just had a look through the new U16 blogs and have to say that there is not one new/improved feature that we are likely to use!!

Is there a list of what has been fixed in this version.

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  • Looks too blue to me - 

    Share defect numbers. As you know, when no defect number is assigned, no problem exists ;-)

    It is like reported at least 3 times, first with v8i, then CE beta, then CE and is is waste of time as it is not so related to specific defect but the whole workflow. Not to mention duplicated with ideas section. Each "defect" is small nuisance but it renders some workflows impossible. Like missing text justification none renders Standards checker unusable with DWG. Enhancement 716377 and Enhancement 657808 ar not considered as defect so get low priority.

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