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Currently using Microstationv8i select 3 ver and would like to know does MicroStation have some title block cells for us to use if so, where?


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  • You MAY wish to investigate ITEM TYPES (IT) for Title Block data.
    While there are issues with IT across multiple SHEET MODELS inside a single file, it depends if you use this feature of Bentley MS. The benefits are still apparent however.

    1. IT can be EXPORTED to XLSX, edited in Excel and IMPORTED back in to update fields

    2. Future proof for ProjectWise (if Bentley can utilise IT in this package)

    3. A number of features of IT are handy, such as Expressions

    4. IT can be used alongside TEXT FIELDS for presenting the data in title blocks, offering some level of automation with SHEET COMPOSITION

    I envy you starting out, as suggested by you  OP, as the opportunities to develop the most effective system for your company are endless. Definitely a bonus not being saddled with decades of old practices to support.

    Greg Smith


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