Comment réaliser une bride paramétrique ?

Je souhaite réaliser un catalogue de bride qui serai paramétrique. Avez vous un tuto à me proposer ?

Je vous remercie

Jean-Marc Truffet

  • [translated]

    I want to make a flange catalog that will be parametric. Do you have a tutorial to offer me?

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  • If you look for "Bentley Education" on YouTube, they have a number of videos and presentations that may be helpful.


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  • Thank you for your feedback.
    I'm working on the Connect Eddition.
    I have come up with making parametric metal profiles but in the case of my flange, it's finding a variable that allows me to adjust the number of holes according to the diameter of the flange.
  • May be you can make use of the 'Array Feature' tool and have Variables to define the Tool Settings Items: and Delta Angle:

    In this simple example, I created several variables, including 'Array_Qty' for the number of holes and 'Array_Qty_Delta_Angle' for the angle between the holes from the cylinders center.


    1. Placed a Hole Feature, offset from the center of the cylinder using a Dimensional constraint.

    2. Array the Hole Feature, and in the Tool Settings selected the Variables 'Array_Qty' & 'Array_Qty_Delta_Angle'


    3. Created variation, inc altering the Variables 'Array_Qty' & 'Array_Qty_Delta_Angle' to increase the number of holes as flange increased.