view group "3DMODEL" Was not found, Viewgroup keyin only works with 2D for some reason.

I have been using keyin - viewgroup apply "sheet"; wiht no issues.

this keyin works good to switch to sheet view, but if I want to switch to 3D model in the same dgn, does not work for some reason.

I tried using : viewgroup apply "3DMODEL";

I get the following error:
view group "3DMODEL" Was not found

The spelling is correct, so not sure why this Keyin does not work for 3D models?

Any idea why this keyin only works for 2D sheet or design?  v8i ss 10


  • Hi Abel,

    Make sure to check out your view groups to make sure you are specifying the correct name in your keying.

    The model might be named  "3DMODEL", but the viewgroup name is most likely "3DMODEL Views" are maybe something else.

    If the "View" is in the name be sure to specify the viewgoup name inside of quotes e.g. "viewgroup apply "3DMODEL Views". That should allow you to switch to your desired model.