Microstation Connect - Drawing extraction

Is there in Microstation Connect Edition a tool like "Drawing Extraction Manager" that was in the V8i edition? Or something that colud extract editableable visible edges that keep a link to the original file?

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  • a wall will be cut, hatched etc.  MicroStation doesn't have this technology

    Actually I guess you can still create fills for solids cut in microStation through Element Templates on your own. Like in this old post

    But OBD actually gives you way more. For example catalogs with eg. walls where the hatches and patterns are built in.
    You may know that it is the "Bentley BIM".

    As Ian describes you have this particular workflow. (the sections should here act as "plain" section drawings - no annotations /I guess/ there)

    That is fine if you are working rather from scratch in OBD/microStation

    We often get Floor models including annotations from other crafts/software packages. Then the caching display can get a bit tricky. Hence my "dynamic "approach.

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