Microstation Connect Edition Update 16 Cell Library will not open

Installed MS CU10.16.00.08.  Open Place Cell dialog and select the Browse Cell(s) button but nothing happens.  I cannot attach a cell library using this button.  I have tried opening using the RC= key in. This opens a dialog box to Attach Cell Library and I can attach the library there that way but once it is attached I still cannot Browse Cell(s).

I am testing this using No WorkSpace : No WorkSet.  I have also tested this with a workspace.  I  have checked the paths in the configuration and it matches the location of the cell libraries on my PC.

Has any one else encounter this issue and found a work-a-round?


P.S. Originally I posted that I had used the RF= key-in.  This is inaccurate and a typo in the original text, I did use the RC= key-in

Sorry for the confusion that may have caused anyone reading the post.