How can I convert zero-length line to cell?

The point features exported from ESRI showed as zero-length line in dgn.  Anyone know how to convert zero-length line to cell?



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  • Bentley Map & projectwise ArcGIS connector

    And that's a really very  expensive! option...

     Global mapper very inexpensive and very powerful alternative to ArcGis and  Bentley  Map .. most of us only have access to Microstation and  dream we could have a low cost GIS product... I have used FREEWARE QGIS but its too restricted and  keeps getting updated ... my IT updated it recently   and  now it dont work properly  anymore even when it was working ( bought the book too) was just too many steps to do really simple things I used to do in MapInfo..were going down the Global mapper option at my workplace just for simple GIS  and transforms and airphoto etc corrections should be great.. plus it can create shape files from DGNs too where as plain vanilla mstn cannot...I haven't  checked with ORD connect operators if they can do any of this but I don't think they can..


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