Microstation crashes when Large level name directories were encoutered

I have 2 referencefiles attached to my drawing. I then get the message that Large level name directories were encountered  and Microstation crashes when I try to draw. If I remove the references then there are no problems.
Compressions did not fix the problem. Are there any other solutions?

  • One question would the format of these referenced files? Are they DWG files as there is a configuration variable related to the operation of DWG file in relation to large level name dictionaries.

    MicroStation V8i Variables

    MicroStation CONNECT Edition Configuration Variables

    MS_DWG_MAX_DICTIONARYITEMS - (Affects DWG files with many dictionary items.) A dictionary item is non-graphical data stored in the DWG file that often does not impact the visible elements. When opening a file, if the DWG file has a large number of these items, performance can be slow. To speed up the file opening process, you can ignore this items. If you need these dictionary items, you can opt to keep them in spite of poor performance. This variable sets the number of dictionary items you want to keep. The default is set to 2000.

    If they are DGN files then you should look at performing a Compress ensuring that you have selected the Include Reference files option.

    Compress Options

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