Unable to install install Update 16 in Windows 11 PC, Why

Unable to install the Update 16 in Windows 11 PC, Why?

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  • Hi Brian,

    is that the version you installed?

    I have not moved to Update 16.3 yet, but because I use Windows 11 from its release date, I used different versions (and different products like MStn, OpenRoads Designer, OpenRail Designer...).

    But I do not think there is any difference between Update 16 or 16.3.

    I read in the thread that an earlier version appears to be compatable

    Yes, even when "appears to be compatible" and "officially certified" is substantial difference ;-)

    So far I do not find any issue. It's true I am not standard user, and as developer I use Bentley products in a different way, but at least I use Windows 11 + MicroStation on 3 different computers (with different processors and graphic cards combinations) and the development requires to start MStn, ORD etc. many times every day ... and everything works fine.

    when I start the installation of Microstation it works for a bit then the screen just disappears

    It sounds like problem with graphics driver. I have no experience with Dell notebooks, but you should ensure you use the latest drivers. Sometimes to set application compatibility in Windows mode may help. For more detail analysis, to check MicroStation and Windows logs and crash dumps may be necessary.

    I have quite bad experience with hybrid solutions, when notebooks have extra graphics card (usually not really faster than is processor itself ;-) I have it in one notebook in combination Intel + Nvidia and fom time to time (not often, but it happens), when run on 2 monitors, MicroStation or Windows display engine crashes.

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