Why I can't draw simple line

Sorry, I'm just a beginner and probably my problem is not a problem and it's something simple, what I just can't find in settings. 

Please tell me why I can't draw a solid, simple line - I have it all the time half transparent & the compass looks not like in all tutorials which I've watched :/ Like compass on the hangover ;)

Many thank for help! 

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  • QV_D3DVERSION is a configuration variable, and can be found in the "Configuration..." dialog from the "Workspace" menu. That dialog has, on the left-hand side, and option to see all configuration variables alphabetically. If the variable isn't in the list, you can create it with the "New..." button. This opens a dialog where you can enter the Variable name (QV_D3DVERSION) in the top space and the value (9) in the next space for New Value. Click OK to store the variable, and use the File -> Save menu item in the Configuration dialog to save the changes to your configuration file.


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