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Ok, a similar question was asked back in 2012, but there were no replies.


When adding dimensions to typical sections I often need to have a dimension above the dimension line and a descriptor below. I am able to do this by using Secondary Units with the primary units.

The issue arises when I need one of these units to use multiline text. Once you introduce multiline text. either the primary or secondary units, the other unit disappears. In the screenshot I edited the 15' (*) in the text editor to read VARIES 15' TO 25' (using a hard return after the (*)). This also leads to the text justification using top left rather than Center Bottom, which is the text style being used by the dimension style. To further complicate the issue the text weight becomes 0 (zero).

I would really like to be able to place these dimensions so that I can have multiline above the line, below the line or both without having to place independent text for one or the other. The text would need to honor the settings of the dimension style (in this case all dimension lines are weight 1, but text is weight 3) and the text would need to honor center justification.

I understand that this is a dimension element and it is not like a note with a leader where the leader is a dimension element and the text is annotation. Why can't dimensions be similar so we can apply text settings to the text?

Is there any type of solution that currently exists to resolve this issue without dropping the dimension & without the need to add an independent piece of text?

  • I'll be interested to see what solutions are offered. I don't need this often, but I do need it.

    I always go with the "independent piece of text" workaround because that leaves my dimension itself intact. I edit the dimension text to be just a space, and place my multiline text (one single text node for both above and below text) at the dimension as desired. But that's all it is - a workaround. My dimension stays intact, which is good, but the text has no relation to it; When I adjust the dimension, the text just sits there...


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  • I always go with the "independent piece of text" workaround

    I do that too


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