MS CE Update 14 - How to manage draw order with references and shape fill


I have a filled shape in a nested reference (ref. 1.1) that hide linework in another nested reference (ref 1.2) (1 level of nesting).

I have tried changing element and level priority but still the fill shows above the lines. The reference priority cannot be changed because of nesting.

I have also tried changing the update sequence in the file attaching directly the references (ref 1) and it does not seem to have changed a thing.

Has anyone else had this issue? What should I try next?


MicroStation CE Update 14 in a 2D design model

  • Hi Alexandre,

    as Andrew wrote: Without further details, the discussion is quite hypothetical and no clear advice can be provided.

    It's recommended in best practices to always specify the used product and it's exact version and any other information, that can help. To use tags is not good idea, experience shows that they are often not noticed or ignored. To use standardized subject, as recommended in e.g. Programming forum, is better way. Alternatively, the product and version can be mentioned in a question itself. But, to use "CONNECT Edition" is not version specification, because there have been 20 versions of MicroStation CE released so far.

    There are (I guess) 3 main settings that affect references order:

    • Element / level / reference priorities, that can be used in 2D
    • References order, that can be used both in 2D and 3D
    • In specific cases, antialiasing and transparency also affect the order

    As you mentioned already, the settings can be changed for the direct references only, not for nested.

    Has anyone else had this issue?

    There are many situations, especially when combinations like 2D / 3D, DGN + DWG or WMS (all together at the best case) are used, when the results can look incorrect and it's not easy (or even not possible) to achieve what is required, but in general, both order and priorities work fine.

    What should I try next?

    In my opinion you should create and share simple test case to demonstrate the problem, because there are too many settings and dependencies. The test case can be just 4 DGN files, with only one or two elements in nested files.

    With regards,


  • Without further details, the discussion is quite hypothetical and no clear advice can be provided
    The quickest solution ... still may not work in all situations...

    I agree with Jan and : the OP must supply vital information so that we can provide meaningful answers...

    1. The precise version of MicroStation
    2. Whether his DGN models are 2D or 3D

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

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