Cant display element properties BUG or FEATURE

MSTN update 16

Pictures says it all.

Is it a bug or feature (that extended elements have no properties)?

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  • i suppose it was created in OpenRail Concept Station

    Thanks for the information. I do not know how OpenRail Concept Station works (only that it is not based on the same engine/technology as MicroStation, but iModel / iTwin.js), so the data must be imported into ORD.

    Extended element is general purpose DGN V8 element (in fact, there are 2: graphical and non graphical), and for every type of element (e.g. parametric solid in CE), proper "enabler" has to be available. So maybe the enabler for the data is not available, or, the file is corrupted, so the right enabler is not identified.

    From what is displayed in V8i I am surprised, not only because of high element id (but it's is not error), but also because of "Last modified" data. It is set to 1.1.1970, which means it was not set, because 1.1.1970 is "start time/date", when this information is calculated from.



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