What is actually a "Graphic Group"?


I see 2 ways to create a Group in MicroStation:

- Group

- Named Group.

Group is very limitated because I understand we cannot add/remove elements later. And it is basically a Cell.

I understand that "Graphic Group" is a Named Group...

Because tools such as "Add to Graphic Group" and "Remove From Graphic group" are only for "Named Groups".


There is also "Graphic Group Lock" (ON /OFF) for Named Groups.

Why Bentley differenciates between Graphic Group and Named Group? is not the same? Is the old name of Named Group?


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  • I guess you are mixing up GG with NG. A "simple" GG (numbered) you can copy when GG-lock is on.

    No. I did a simple test. Opened the Named Group dialog, created a new group, added a few elements. I then copied those elements. They all copy as a named group with graphic group lock on. With the lock off they do not copy as a group. Although as individual elements they still show as being part of a group.

    There is lots I do not know about this, new to me, function. But in it's simplest form it does indeed recognize graphic group lock.

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