What is actually a "Graphic Group"?


I see 2 ways to create a Group in MicroStation:

- Group

- Named Group.

Group is very limitated because I understand we cannot add/remove elements later. And it is basically a Cell.

I understand that "Graphic Group" is a Named Group...

Because tools such as "Add to Graphic Group" and "Remove From Graphic group" are only for "Named Groups".


There is also "Graphic Group Lock" (ON /OFF) for Named Groups.

Why Bentley differenciates between Graphic Group and Named Group? is not the same? Is the old name of Named Group?


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  • When I could just select my elements, hit CRTL+G and continue on. I can even give my orphan cell a name in the time it would take to generate a named group

    You've changed topic.  Grouping elements by creating an anonymous cell (Ctrl-G) is not the same as the ancient Graphic Group mechanism. It pre-dates Named Groups by a MicroStation generation.

    The fact that Named Groups exist doesn't stop you using either the Graphic Group or anonymous cell idioms.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

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