What is actually a "Graphic Group"?


I see 2 ways to create a Group in MicroStation:

- Group

- Named Group.

Group is very limitated because I understand we cannot add/remove elements later. And it is basically a Cell.

I understand that "Graphic Group" is a Named Group...

Because tools such as "Add to Graphic Group" and "Remove From Graphic group" are only for "Named Groups".


There is also "Graphic Group Lock" (ON /OFF) for Named Groups.

Why Bentley differenciates between Graphic Group and Named Group? is not the same? Is the old name of Named Group?


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  • What Named Groups do (and for me) is to provide hierarchical groups that can be NESTED - even hierarchical nesting. With active and passive members. So I can move them around grouped grabbing the "active" element or single when grabbing one of the passive.

    I have this simplified workplace scenario in mind. RED is active, blue are the passive members. (GG-Lock on)

    … Workplace_001 > move active > move passive

     Click here to play this video

     I can copy my workgroup -

     but then they are no group any more



    What would be of real ADDED VALUE is to be able to copy the workplaces (-increment like the legacy GGs), then add them to a hierarchical group … (see the mockup video below) Then you are still able to move things around - either together or single.

    (the highlight needs to show what belongs together including the relationship - like the colors I used here)




    The only bit that seems to be missing here is the copying with an  incemented Name!? And maybe some enhanced highlighting of the relationships

    It appears hard to follow the idea that NGs are 1. only one off and 2. to help to JUST create Display Sets


    I did not take in account the NGs with members from reference. There it gets quite arcane to me.

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