Why don´t update Text elements when I save the Text Style?

MicroStation CE 14.


I have read that if I insert Text with a particular Text Style (in this example: "amarillo" style) and I edit that style (without saving it) and I insert other texts but I finally save the style then texts with that text style would update according to the saved text style.

I have done this (changing the height every time) but when I save the text style, just the first text uppdates.

I don´t understand why the second and third text don´t uppdate. (If I replace the text style in the properties pallete and then I select the same text style), the Height remains the same.

  • One thing that is not correct with your example is the last piece of test you place 0.050 with the text height set at 0.050 then you save the text style to show the first text element scales up to be 0.050. It looks like you are indicating the first and last piece of test honor the text size of the newly saved text style. However, if you change that same text style to have a text height 0.040 and save it only the first piece of text changes to the new text height. The text placed with the override height of 0.050 still remains that value. It is due to the fact that everything after the first piece of text had an override applied so the height value from the text style is no longer associated to those pieces of text and do not change when the new value is saved in the style. All other settings of the style still apply. You would not be able to have a height differerent from the text style setting if that link was maintained because the height would always revert back to the style setting.

    Once you save the text style with a new value in any of the settings and you want to apply those changes to text already placed with that style you would need to select all text using that style and switch to the Change Text Attributes tool to reestablish that link to the adjusted settings.

    Sorry, that may be a convoluted explanation but..... 

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