How to Draw a Line with Slope

I try to draw a sloped line with AccuDraw. I tried this tutorial but it didn't work as expected:

For example I input 1000, 1000, 1300 coordinates for the first point, second point will be 40 meters away with %5 slope. In distance, direction mode, I input dist: 40 m, direction: 40 degree, Z: pressed * and input 0.5. Elevation didn't change. I expect that it calculates 40- (40*0.5) How can it be calculated from the first elevation?

Edit: corrected (Z * slope) to (distance * slope)

  • What version of Microstation are you using & what are your AccuDraw settings? There are options for AccuDraw to follow the points as they are being placed, for the compass to rotate or remain unrotated. These setting will affect the end result. I was able to place a line following your guidance and had no issues.

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  • Your Z would be 40(hit)*(type)-0.05

    That is "40 feet at 5% down"
    5% on it's own doesn't mean anything - it can only be applied to a distance.


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  • I input 1000, 1000, 1300 coordinates for the first point

    are you trying to do this in 3d?

    It's pretty easy in 2d but you have to use the trigonometric options for accudraw to calculate the angle and use a length of 40 see help for that to use trig calculator to draw the 40 long with the tangent  of 5 in 100 for the angle or get your window scientific calculator out and calculate the angle for a 5 rise  in 100 run the angle then in accudraw 40 long and the calculated angle

    or a much simpler way without calculator or trigonometry draw a line 100 long in x and 5 in the y at the end of 100 long this establishes the angle  without trig ( or draw a triangle with placeline  x=100, then up or y 5 then back to start point...

    now place a circle radius 40 from start point and extend the  sloping  or hypotenuse of your triangle to intersect the edge of your circle  

    Sorry I cant  figure it out in 3d .. 3d trigonometry is really hard..

    There are several FREE macros available from many DoTs to draw sloped lines, annotate sloped lines and even allow for  vertical exaggeration and input as percentage or 1 in X for  V :H etc... but depends on what version of Mstn your  using and you have not told us your version..


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  • I expect that it calculates 1300 - (1300*0.5) How can it be calculated from the first elevation?

    First, I am not sure what role to 40^ plays in you second point, but that does not factor into the 5% slope.

    AccuDraw normally follows the points as they are placed and rotate to the element. So when you place your initial point at 1000, 1000, 1300 the Accudraw compass is at that location and is rotated to the view and it is on the 1300 Z plane.

    Entering your second point you will enter 40 meters & 40^ in the polar coordinate. Since you are on the 1300 Z plane you will not enter 1300 x 5 to calculate your next point. You want a slope 5% from the 1300 elevation. I converted the 1300 meters to 4,265.09'. A 5% slope over 40 meters (131.20') will be 131.20 x 0.05 = 6.56'. So your value to enter at this point is (131.20 + 6.56 or 131.20 - 6.56 depending on whether you need a positive or negative slope). So your Z value to enter into AccuDraw is either 41.99 M (137.76) for positive or -37.99 M (124.64) for negative. Once placed check the elevation which should be either 1341.99 or 1262.01.

    Hopefully all my math is correct. Your original formula to calculate the 5% slope was assuming AccuDraw was at elevation Zero.

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