[SS10] is there any way for "Adjusted colors" to carry through nested references?

I have "container files" for my sheets, where I reference in all of the relevant files and adjust the display for the appropriate sheet type.

I would like to use the ability to "Adjust Colors" for one or two references so that they are subdued on the screen. I don't need to actually CHANGE the colors of the reference elements. We have a design script provided by our client that handles all the printing through various criteria and I don't want to potentially mess that up. I also don't want to go through the work of setting up level overrides and all that...I want to select my existing survey file, use the Reference "Adjust Colors" tool and dim that stuff down so that visually, on the screen, our proposed construction "pops" a bit more.

While I can do this with no problem in the container file, it doesn't appear to carry through into the sheet files. The container linework is dim, but the sheets are as bright as ever.

Is there a setting that would allow Adjusted Colors to carry through a nested reference? Or can that just not be done?
Thank you.

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