CONNECT - U15 Insert Field - Current Date and PW file path

The link provided below is a previous discussion on adding the current date in a text field when plotting. We currently use the $DATE$ and text substitution with our pen table. We also use $FILEL$ and when we are working on files hosted in our ProjectWise Managed Workspace the file path shows the PW path rather than the local copy path.

I am looking to replace the $XXXX$ text substitutions with Text Fields, but I am finding some issues.

1. When inserting a text field and selecting File Properties the only options available are Date Saved and Date Created.

The Date saved is not helpful if you are opening a project that was not actually worked on the day you are plotting it. Opening the file and printing would show the last date saved.

2. The File Name property shows the local copy rather than the PW path.

We need the PW path. If a subconsultant looks at a pdf file and would like to reference that file to one of their files they will have issues locating the file on PW. I've run into this many times. Even looking at our own files. If we have the PW path displayed it aids others in locating the files so you don't need to track down the person who knows where the files are located.

You can also see the Date plotted field is empty in the File Properties dialog. This probably would not be valid either since it would most likely display the date the file was printed last rather than the current date.


I defined the variable described in the post linked below, but I am not having any luck. Has there been any progress? At least for the date? I can't believe that this has not been addressed at this point and I am baffled why Current Date is not available. There has to be some way to extract this information and place it in a Text Field.